Dallas Childbirth Refresher class

Doing It Again?

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Childbirth Refresher Class

Do you need a childbirth refresher class? You’ve had a baby and you certainly remember that there are contractions involved, that your water is going to break and a baby is going to arrive….but do you remember everything you need to know about labor and birth to do it all AGAIN? If the answer is NO, do not fear because this class is just for you!

Our childbirth refresher class is an opportunity to spend two hours focusing on this pregnancy and baby. You will review breathing and relaxation techniques and catch up on the changes that have happened in childbirth since you had your last baby (because ironically, while childbirth itself has happened in exactly the same way over the course of time – how it happens does actually change from year to year sometimes).

“We weren’t sure we needed a class as we had done a full class with our first baby, but we were so glad we did!” 

Fun, and of course, Tacos

Our class is designed with the modern couple in mind. It is updated, evidenced based, fast paced and our instructor is current on the policies of area hospitals so she can answer the questions you have about birthing in your birth location.  We will have some fun items to give away, a full color booklet for you to take home and continued access to your instructor and the Great Expectations Doulas if you have any more questions before your baby arrives.

The classes are located in our office at The Nest in Addison. After the class you can go out to lunch with your new friends from class or enjoy a “date” at one of the many restaurants found in Addison (we recommend La Ventana if you are up for tacos or Ida Claire if you want comfort food.) We look forward to seeing

The cost of the class is $75 per person/couple.