Dallas and New Orleans Doula training

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New Orleans Doula Training

If you’re passionate about birth and serving expecting families through compassionate and non-judgmental support through pregnancy, breastfeeding and early postpartum – then you should be a doula and we would love to see you at our upcoming New Orleans Doula training.

Best Doula Training will be in NOLA, April 22-24.  The workshop includes 3 full days of hands-on training and you will leave a certified doula. The training includes everything: advanced business training, how to support all types of births, to conduct prenatal appointments, provide  relational support, support breastfeeding and postpartum families, marketing and more. The cost ($500) includes the workshop, an online childbirth and breastfeeding class to watch prior to attending the workshop and a year of membership with BEST Doula Training which includes mentorship and all our marketing and business tools that can help you succeed.

I am incredibly blessed to have written the BEST birth doula training program with Amanda Devereux of NOLA Nesting and over the last several years we have been training doulas together from all over the world.  I’ve never been to New Orleans, but I can’t wait to train with Amanda her home town of New Orleans. I hope you can join us this April – we have a lot of cool things planned for my first trip to NOLA and our first training in Louisiana. (Plus Amanda tells me the city smells GREAT in April and I can’t wait to find out!)

What more information? Reach out and we’ll hang out and talk birth, doulas and business.  I can always talk about those subjects. You may also read more about BEST Doula Training and why we want you to be the BEST doula you can be!

XO,   Maria

The April New Orleans birth doula training will take place in a hospital in the Garden District of New Orleans. The cost of becoming a certified doula is $500 and covers everything that you need besides books. We invite you to join the NOLA Event Facebook page to chat with others who are attending (or considering attending). We would also love you to bit the “Like” button on BEST Doula’s FaceBoook.