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Thinking of Becoming a Doula?

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Having co-created BEST Doula Training, I have thought a lot about what I believe should be included in doula training.  If you are considering becoming a doula (and you should, it is the best job in the world!), I encourage you to ask each organization some questions so that you can find the program with the best fit for your career.  I have already answered each one with the BEST Doula answer and I encourage you to find out the answer from each organization you are considering.

Can I conveniently find everything about your program on your website?

Yes, of course.  We want you to check us out!

What are the basics of training? Is it online? In person?

Our training  is divided into an online portion and an in-person workshop. The online study guide is completed while waiting to attend the workshop. It includes reading a few books, attending a networking group, watching a movie and answering some questions (read more about the exact requirements). During this time you will start receiving mentorship as well. Then our doulas receive about 30 hours of hands on training at our workshop.  The training is so fun – time flies by! The even better news, after completing the workshop our doulas leave certified. NO certification births are required.

What do you cover beyond basic doula skills?

BEST Doula is unique in many ways, one of them is that our training is actually 3 parts.  Doulas receive lactation training with an IBCLC, doula skills taught by experienced doulas, and a marketing class led by marketing experts who specialize in promoting birth businesses. Every doula in the BEST program is provided with a childbirth class to view as well.

Does your certification include lactation training?

Yes, it does. See above.  

Does your certification include marketing and business skills?

We prepare our doulas to be wonderful doulas and successful business owners.  We include client contracts, intake forms and other paperwork as part of the training and we teach interview and marketing skills. New doulas can walk out of the training and sign a client immediately! 

What is the total cost to be certified?  Are there other fees besides training?

The fee as of 2017 is $600. This includes the childbirth class, workshop, study materials, a year of membership with BEST and ongoing mentorship. There are no hidden fees or membership costs. 

How can I get in touch with the organization?  Is your customer service prompt?

We are happy to have you contact us at any time about the program and we will reply to you quickly. Our email is and you can contact us at 844 – 752-2682 during normal business hours.

How does your organization see itself advocating for the doula profession as whole?

BEST stands for 4 principles we believe are at the core of great doulas – Business skills, strong Ethics, Sustainability and the ability to work Together with others. We believe doulas are professionals who provide a valuable service to expecting families.  We also believe that each doula should be equipped to build a sustainable practice based on her goals and as an certifying body we want to help her meet these goals.When a new doula builds a sustainable practice that can last for the course of a long career, the doula wins, expecting families win and maternity care is improved. We believe doulas change the world!

Where will my training be and who will do the training? 

We train all over! Maria Pokluda (founder of Great Expectations in Dallas, TX) and Amanda Devereux (founder of Nola Nesting in New Orleans, LA) lead the workshop. They have over 20 years experience running successful doula practices so having Maria and Amanda lead all training helps to insure that each BEST Doula receives the same info and expertise. Teaching new doulas how to do a great hip squeeze (and we certainly do that) is important but our comprehensive training also teaches sustainable business practices. If you want a BEST Doula Training in your town, let us know and let’s do it.

Want to keep chatting about becoming a doula?   BEST runs a Facebook group for new and experienced doulas and we would love to have you join the group: Love What You DOULA