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15 Reasons To Hire a Doula

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If You Are Pregnant, You Want a Doula.

Doulas assist with natural birth, cesarean birth, births with epidurals, waterbirths or births where someone is hanging from the ceiling. A doula is every laboring woman’s BFF – a BFF that is professional trained to support you – no matter where or how she is choosing to have her baby.  Partners will love her just as much (and sometimes even more!). Here are a few reasons why you will want to hire a doula!

15 Reasons To Hire a Doula

 1. The research says you should. (Go read about it!)

2. Your partner will be able to grab a cup of coffee (or lunch) knowing that you are in good hands and not alone.

3. A doula won’t leave at shift change….even if your labor progresses through more than one shift change.

4. Doulas give good foot rubs during labor.

5. Doulas give good backrubs during labor.

6. Your doula works for YOU.  Not your care provider, the hospital or your mother in law.

7. When a couple has a doula, breastfeeding usually goes better and babies are less likely to go to the NICU.

8. Labor hurts less and often moves faster when you have a doula.

9. When you are approaching your due date, your doula will never ask you, “Have you had that baby yet???”

10. A doula has a rebozo and knows what to do with it.

11. Doulas will tell you that you’re beautiful even while wearing a hospital gown. And she totally believes it too.

12. Women who have doulas reduce their odds of having a cesarean delivery.

13. Doulas know your birth does matter.

14. Doulas help the partner be amazing and enjoy the experience.

15. You will have someone to  talk with you about your options every step of the way….and she will support you NO MATTER WHAT!

Let’s Be Friends!

At Great Expectations, we have been serving Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton families since 2007.  Our doulas are certified and trained and we can help you with all of the things listed above and more. If we can be your pregnancy and labor BFF – get in touch!