Midwife Adrienne Jones at Presbyterian Dallas

Adrienne Jones, CNM at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas

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Adrienne Jones, CNM at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas!

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adrienne Jones, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and chat with her about maternity care, Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas (otherwise known at Presby Dallas) and her new role as a midwife serving at one of the biggest hospitals in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. I think we could have chatted all day as we had a lot in common and Adrienne is warm, friendly and obviously smart and passionate about what she does.

Expecting families on the Dallas side of town have not had a lot of options in recent years if they wanted midwifery care. For years, the biggest and busiest hospitals in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and Richardson had NO midwives either on staff or with privileges to deliver babies at their hospitals. While most of these hospitals still do not have midwives on staff, in an effort to satisfy consumer request – Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas is making the leap and has brought Adrienne Jones on to their team to serve Dallas families*. We are excited to see that women’s voices are being heard!

Adrienne studied nursing at Texas Women’s University and worked as a nurse before going back to Frontier midwifery school. Like so many providers in the Dallas area, she has spend some time at Parkland working as a Certified Nurse Midwife and for the last several years she has served as a midwife on staff at a local birth center.

Midwifery Care at Presby Dallas 

Adrienne is taking clients and offering midwifery care to all expecting families. She supports VBACs, natural birth, vaginal twin delivery and of course she supports women who want the specialized care of a midwife but who might also be considering an epidural. Adrienne is also doing something very unique for the Dallas area as she is able to help women have a hospital waterbirth if they desire. She works closely with OBs at Presby Dallas so she can also offer care to many of the women who are experiencing a higher risk pregnancy or if they need to plan a Cesarean birth.

Adrienne says she hopes to bring the more comfortable feeling of birth out of hospital into the hospital setting. Like out of hospital midwives, she comes in for all her clients and labors with them rather than just showing up for the delivery. She is also offering the option of waterbirth. (Read about how to order your tub) In fact, Presby Dallas will be the only hospital in Dallas or Collin county that is doing waterbirth.

Dallas Presby has long been a doula friendly hospital and we expect that teamwork to continue with Adrienne. She encourages her clients to use doulas, especially first time parents and those planning a VBAC. She also assured me that she wants doulas to be able to offer continued support in the OR should that become necessary.  Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas was also one of the first hospitals doing skin to skin in the OR and that should continue. Woman having Cesarean births are able to use clear drapes so they see their baby sooner and have that skin to skin time that is so precious. Adrienne mentioned that she hopes to do even more to bring the Family Centered Cesarean (or Gentle Cesarean) to her clients.

Want to Meet Her? (Yes You Do!)

If  you wish to talk to Adrienne about your pregnancy or birthing with her at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas, you can contact her by phone or reach out to her on her Face Book page. She will be the one calling you back, not a receptionist or office worker – can you already see the difference in her model of care? Her office is located inside the hospital on the same floor as labor and delivery.

Adrienne Jones, CNM
8160 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas, Texas, TX 75231Highlights info row image
(214) 345-6817

Adrienne told us that she is usually assigned the nurses on each shift that love the midwifery model of care so choosing to birth with Adrienne means you get great nurses, a great provider and a great hospital. Great Expectations Doulas love working with Adrienne so if you are adding a doula to your birth team, let’s chat!

*Presbyterian Plano/Texas Health Plano has also recently added a midwife to It’s roster of providers