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Hair Down There

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We don’t judge your hair and your nurse doesn’t either.

I am a doula who is going to write about pubic hair, so I need to preface a few things before moving into the heart of this post.

YOUR DOULA DOES NOT CARE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR HAIR DOWN THERE. Seriously We just don’t. I assume that most doulas are like me, and many times we never even see pubic hair or lack thereof because we are looking anywhere but *there* because our work is typically above the waist.

YOUR DOCTOR/MIDWIFE/NURSE DOES NOT CARE WHAT IT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR HAIR DOWN THERE. Their job may be to actually provide skills to that area, but your pubic hair is the least of their concerns. And trust me, in this business they have seen so many undressed or  semi-undressed women that unless you have something REALLY unusual going on they don’t notice or care – or even remember 5 minutes after they walk out of the room.

Ok, got it? WE DON”T CARE. Now, on with the blog.

You might care. You might not.

We may not care, but you know who does care? Many of our clients. We serve clients that run the gamut from those having a mons pubis that is “Viva la Bush” and some that are as hair free as the day they arrived on this earth. Grooming is a personal choice, not a moral imperative, so whatever choices one makes in this area should be respected. However, as many clients do ask us about dealing with pubic hair during their pregnancy and express concerns about it that I know that many women do worry or have expectations for themselves when it comes to their labor grooming. And you know what? That’s OK because after more than a decade of hanging out with pregnant women we also have some pretty good answers!

So what is the deal with lady grooming during pregnancy and birth?

The options for hair removal are about the same as they are for non-pregnant women. Waxing and shaving are both safe during pregnancy, though due to increased blood flow creating increased skin sensitivity, waxing may be more uncomfortable (hard to believe as it is already not a pleasant experience!). Shaving is typically a bit more difficult especially in the second half of you pregnancy when you can’t actually see your feet let alone your bikini area and beyond. I have seen the advice given that your partner can assist you, but your mileage may vary on that bit of wisdom depending on your partner and shower size. Laser or electrolysis have not been proven to harmful during pregnancy but practically speaking it would be hard to find a business that would offer this service to a pregnant woman. This brings us to final option.

Depilatories – Magic?

Depilatories are creams, lotions or powders that are put on leg, pubic or underarm hair and the hair “melts” away. You simply leave it on for a few minutes then shower. There has been discussion of the active ingredients in depilatories: barium sulfide powder and calcium thioglycolate. While there is no evidence that they are harmful during pregnancy, women may be concerned about putting chemicals powerful enough to dissolve hair so close to the baby’s exit. As with any new-to-you product, you can test a small patch on your body to ensure there are no allergic reactions. Of course if you have big concerns then maybe you save this special method for the Big Day. (Did I mention that you should ONLY do hair removal prep for labor if *you* care, because no one else there will!) The disclaimer also always exist that you should talk to your care provider about what is safe and not safe during pregnancy.

With that said, let’s talk about Magic Shave. Magic Shave is *not* your mother’s Nair. In fact, it is more likely something used by your father because Magic Shave was created to be used for “black men to help stop razor bumps”.  I hope I don’t get accused of cultural appropriation but the creators of this stuff made an effective product that is designed to make coarse hair disappear and grow back without painful razor bumps. You know where else coarse hair is shaved off and painful razor bumps (and ingrown hair) occur commonly during regrowth? Pubic hair!

Magic Shave, like most depilatories, stinks – so keep that in mind. It works in 10 minutes and lasts about 2 to 3 weeks, not that much different than a wax job. It should not hurt (if it does…wash it off asap!) You can apply it conservatively if you wish, or liberally if you prefer the look and feel of a Brazilian.  The craziest thing, Magic Shave is cheap. CHEAP. A few bucks will keep a bikini line hair-free for probably a year. I checked out  Target’s website and a container of the powder is $1.97. That is not an affiliate link, I just want you to see that I am not lying about the price. If you think Magic Shave might work for your needs – iDallas Doula Magic Shave for pubic hairt’s in the Men’s Shaving and Grooming section of course. I already mentioned Target carries it but so does Walmart and Amazon.

I can’t state enough that we don’t care what you use or don’t use to make yourself feel ready to birth but if you are looking for an easy solution now or later, Magic Shave may be it.

* * *

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