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We love highlighting all the great options families in our area have when it comes to choosing where to have their baby. Often we write these blog posts in our What to Expect Series based solely on our own experiences with our clients, but this time we got a little help! I spoke with midwife Elaine of Inanna Birth and Women’s Care in Denton and asked a few basic questions to get more information about this birth center located in the north of the DFW metroplex.

Tell us a bit about Inanna Birth and Women’s Care!

Established in 2006, Inanna Birth and Women’s Care is a full service, free standing birthing center, located in Denton, Texas.  We are owned, staffed and run by Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) and offer services such as well woman care, birth education, prenatal care and birthing options as well as family planning and hormone balancing therapies.

As Certified Nurse Midwives, each midwife in our group has completed Registered Nurse training and has a further Masters or Doctoral level degree in midwifery.  A CNM has the training and authority to diagnose problems and prescribe many medications for medical issues before, during, and after pregnancy. This advanced training uniquely qualifies the CNM to care for women throughout their adult lives, and especially in pregnancy and childbirth. With strong ties to the local community, Inanna seeks to serve women’s health needs throughout their lives.

What is it like to give birth at Inanna?

Families giving birth at the birth center are given freedom of movement and activities during labor unless it becomes unsafe, with options for water birth if desired and appropriate.  The environment is very “home like” with the availability of medical supervision and safety measures should they be needed.  The beautiful park on TWU property directly across the street is frequently used for walks during early labor.  Prospective clients and their families are encouraged to visit and participate in one of the regular tours of the facility.

Do the midwives at Inanna have a philosophy about birth?

We believe that birth is a sacred event, a journey that many women make in their life that has the potential to forever change their lives.  It is a life passage that deserves a great deal of attention and preparation for.  We know that where a woman chooses to birth is an individual decision that must be derived after thoughtful consideration of the woman’s desires, an evaluation of her risk factors, and in a place that creates a safe and supportive atmosphere.  For some women, this will be in a hospital, for others it will be in a birth center.  One thing we here at Inanna Birth & Women’s Care know for sure, is that women will do best, have the least amount of complications and have the greatest degree of satisfaction, when they birth where and with whom they feel safe.  We believe that birth is a normal event in a woman’s life that in most cases proceeds normally with little to no intervention.  We believe that God has created a woman’s body to be successful in childbirth and therefore only rarely needs medical intervention.

Why else might families choose to birth at a birth center?

The national statistics for birth center births are very positive and the outcomes at Inanna are considerably better than national averages.  We encourage families to research these options and reach their own conclusions as to where they feel safe giving birth.  If you decide that a birth center is the right place for you then give us a call!

How do families get in touch with Inanna?

Inanna Birth & Women’s Care can be reached during normal business hours by phone, or visit our website to find out more about the insurance we take and the care we offer. We’d love to meet you!

1823 N Locust Street

Denton, TX 76201

(940) 483-1569

Do you have other questions about having a baby at Inanna? Feel free to contact Great Expectations doulas to ask about our experiences there or call the birth center for a tour.  You may also want to read about other locations in DFW so be sure to check out all of our reviews in our “What to Expect” series. There is nothing we love to do more than helping connect families with the best providers for the birth you are planning!