Flower Mound Placenta Encapsulation

Flower Mound Placenta Encapsulation

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Having a Baby at Flower Mound Presbyterian?

This hospital located in the north western suburb of Dallas goes by two names -Flower Mound Presbyterian and Texas Health Flower Mound. You may use either name but in both cases, we love picking up placentas at Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound for a number of reasons. The first reason is a bit selfish, but it is also one of those win/win scenarios.  Presby Flower Mound is close to where we process placentas, so we can easily get a call for a pickup and have our medical couriers run up there allowing little time between the actual arrival of the placenta and the onset of the processing. The less time before the processing starts…the safer and fresher your placenta products will be! See? Win/win. In fact, often the couriers arrive at the hospital while our clients are still in Labor and Delivery getting to know their new little one!

The second reason we like picking up placentas at Presby Flower Mound is because we have a good relationship with the nurses, doctors and midwives that work there. As doulas, we work at this location a lot and have relationships with the ladies and gentlemen that staff Flower Mound Presby. They are always helpful when it comes to helping our clients prepare their placenta for transport.

What You Need to Know About Flower Mound Placenta Encapsulation

There are a few things you do need to know if you are delivering at Presby Flower Mound and having your placenta processed. Both the Labor and Delivery unit and the Postpartum unit require security codes for us (or any of your other guests) to access the area. When you call for a pick up, please let us know the security code you have been given so that our couriers can come in to pick up your cooler, or give us a phone number that we can call for you to bring the transport kit out to us when we arrive at the hospital.  If we are returning your placenta products to you when you are still in the hospital, we will also need your code to make the delivery.

Happy Birthing!

We hope you have a great birth at Flower Mound Presby and if you have any questions about having a baby there or concerns about how to make reservations for placenta processing from Flower Mound – please ask! As with all birth locations, if you order from us in advance, you will receive our transport kit. Your providers will carefully pack your placenta then someone from your family or birth team will add ice to he transport kit…then call us at (833) PLACNTA. If you have not ordered, that’s OK, we are still very happy to come pick it up and get the process started

Our doulas also love attending births at Flower Mound Presby. If you are thinking of adding a doula to your birth team, we’d love to meet you!

Flower Mound Presbyterian

4400 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound, TX 75028


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