Postpartum Depression therapist Dr. Katie Sardone of Behavioral Health Dallas

Worried About Postpartum Depression?

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The title of this blog is pretty heavy. The weeks and months following a baby’s arrival can be full of ups and downs. We have all heard stories about postpartum depression or anxiety and we know that no new parent wants to feel sad after their baby arrives. However, the statistics show that around 1 in 5 women will have …

Placenta encapsulation safety Dallas placenta

How Safe is Placenta Encapsulation?

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Placenta Encapsulation Safety Last week placenta encapsulation made the news. Normally this is a great thing, we love when women learn about their options and can research if a new option is a good choice for their family during pregnancy and postpartum. However, this time placenta encapsulation safety was the topic of the news and it was not fun. There …

Dallas Doula Fort Worth Doula Magic Shave pubic hair

Hair Down There

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We don’t judge your hair and your nurse doesn’t either. I am a doula who is going to write about pubic hair, so I need to preface a few things before moving into the heart of this post. YOUR DOULA DOES NOT CARE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOUR HAIR DOWN THERE. Seriously We just don’t. I assume that most …

Midwife Adrienne Jones at Presbyterian Dallas

Adrienne Jones, CNM at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas

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Adrienne Jones, CNM at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas! We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Adrienne Jones, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and chat with her about maternity care, Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas (otherwise known at Presby Dallas) and her new role as a midwife serving at one of the biggest hospitals in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. I …

Doulas and Midwives Dallas and Fort Worth

Doulas and Midwives – The Oxytocin Advantage

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Relational Support In a maternity care system where care providers run busy practices, they often have little time to spend one on one with their patients – even though they would like to. However,  doulas and midwives have a unique place in this system. Both are often able to build a relationship with their clients from the moment they meet …

World Doula Week with Dallas and Frisco Doulas

Five Reasons to Celebrate World Doula Week

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World Doula Week Everyone likes a reason to celebrate and this Wednesday marks the beginning of World Doula Week 2017 – we think that a World Doula Week is a great reason to celebrate! Here are five reasons why expecting families can be thankful for doulas. Five Reasons to Celebrate 1. Having a doula attend your labor increases the odds of having a …