Natural Childbirth Classes

Preparing for Birth is offered at Frisco Women’s Health (Frisco Medical City) & our office in North Dallas.

Weeknight classes: March 20th & 27th (7pm)
Weekend one-day class: January 20th, February 17th, March 24th or April 2st (1-5pm)

You have chosen to prepare for a natural childbirth. 

Maybe you have heard from family and friends that it’s crazy to plan a natural birth.

Maybe you have heard that a natural birth in the hospital (or anywhere) is impossible.

Or maybe you are simply excited to learn how to have an amazing BIRTH day for your baby.

This class is for you!

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Natural Childbirth Class Dr. Weinstein
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We teach Preparing for Birth, a birth class designed for the family planning a natural birth in a hospital or home setting. We will cover tips and techniques that will help you reach your goal but that are not typically covered in the hospital sponsored class. (At the hospital class you might be the only person not wanting an immediate epidural!) For more information on the course, visit the Preparing for Birth website.

During the class, you will be surrounded by others with similar goals and you will receive the award winning workbook “Preparing for Birth”. Leave class ready to rock your birth!

We partner with Frisco Women’s Health to to make it easy and convenient for you to prepare for your natural birth. Therefore our Frisco classes are held in the comfort of their office. We offer weekday (2 evening sessions) and weekend (one day) classes. Please see schedule for exact dates/times. We recommend attending class between the 30th – 37th weeks of pregnancy. The cost of the class is $125.

There is no better way to prepare for birth, especially a natural hospital birth, than taking a good birth class.
In our natural birth classes you will learn:

♥ What to expect at each stage of labor – and what to do

♥ Simple exercises to prepare for your birth

♥ Comfort measures and relaxation techniques

♥ Writing an effective birth plan & communicating with hospital staff

♥ Interventions – What might come up

♥ Tips for a happy postpartum

A natural hospital birth can absolutely happen and taking a natural childbirth class is a great way to help you get there.

The physicians of Frisco Women’s Health are committed to supporting your goal of natural childbirth. Classes are offered monthly at their office in Frisco and are taught by the award winning Great Expectations Doulas. This class is open to ALL regardless of place of delivery.

Frisco Natural Birth Classes Doula OB Dr. Weinsten

Childbirth classes don’t need to be boring – or super long. They do need to be fun and give you the tools to plan and prepare for the birth you want. Go ahead, sign up and make class night date night (or date day). We will save you a seat!