DFW Placenta Encapsulation

Have a HAPPY postpartum.

Placenta encapsulation is a popular service that turns your placenta into easy to use products designed to help you have a happier postpartum.

Here are just a few reasons why families choose encapsulation.

  • Reduction in postpartum bleeding
  • Increased energy and milk supply
  • Balanced hormones and mood
  • Reduced occurrence of postpartum depression
Your health and safety are our priority.

We are the only encapsulators in DFW that offer placenta pickup by professional medical couriers. You will never have to worry about your placenta being picked up quickly or safely. We also never process your placenta near other food prep, pets or children. We set the standard for safety in the Dallas and Fort Worth area and over 1200 families have trusted us with their placentas.

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Dallas  and Fort Worth (Ft. Worth) Placenta Encapsulation

Encapsulation Service Includes:

Dallas Placenta encapsulation and Ft Worth (Fort Worth)
  • transportation kit sent to you prior to delivery to facilitate your placenta’s safe transport. This kit meets state and Federal guidelines.
  • Pick up of the placenta from your place of birth by licensed and HIPAA compliant medical couriers.
  • Return of the processed placenta in 2 to 3 days.

Our encapsulators are experienced and carry certification in blood borne pathogens, placenta processing and a food handler’s license.

Pricing for Encapsulation Services start at $225

Simply call 833 – PLACNTA for pick up.

We encourage ordering in advance of your due date so we can send you our complimentary transport kit, however we’ll happily pickup your placenta even without an advanced order.



Placenta capsules
Dosing instructions
Transportation kit
Pickup via medical courier & product return

Postpartum resources

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Add Ons

Want some other placenta products? Choose from the following when you order online.

Tincture $25 (flash sale $16)

Healing placenta salve $15

Postpartum herbal bath $15

Placenta print $20

Birth in an Afternoon Class $125

Breastfeeding Success Package


($290 if purchased separately)

Includes encapsulation services, a tincture and Prepared Feeding – the award winning breastfeeding course that can be streamed anytime giving you help from first latch to weaning – and everything in between!

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We've encapsulated
placentas and counting!

In the state of Texas, all hospitals are required by law to allow women to take their placentas off the premises. This means that no matter where you choose to birth your baby – your placenta is yours to keep.

If there is a medical issue that arises making your placenta unsafe to encapsulate, you will be refunded.

Fort Worth and Dallas Placenta pills (Ft. Worth)

“I adore Maria. She is down to earth, compassionate, funny, and so knowledgable. Maria has a huge pool of knowledge. She has been so helpful postpartum as well. I cannot recommend her highly enough..she’s awesome!”

-Kristen in Frisco