Postpartum Doulas

Enjoy your transition to life with a baby with the help of one of our postpartum doulas. She will come along side your family to allow you to take care of yourself, adjust to life with a newborn and enjoy the precious early weeks of your baby’s life. Our doulas expertise includes:

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Daytime (3/hr minimum) – $25/hr
Overnights (8 hours) – $200

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    Familiarity with newborns.

    Your postpartum doula will give you confidence to care for your baby and an understanding their development in the early months of life.

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    Extensive knowledge about breastfeeding and infant feeding.

    Infant feeding is often the biggest concern new parents have. Your postpartum doula can help trouble shoot any feeding issues.

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    Providing care for your newborn while you take care of yourself.

    This means you can enjoy a shower, take a nap or otherwise do something that brings you joy while knowing your baby is safe.

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    Meal preparation/Freezer stocking.

    When your postpartum doula is gone, you will appreciate a fridge stocked with healthy and easy to heat meals.

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    Light housekeeping.

    Let your postpartum doula take care of the dishes and laundry…it is way more fun for you to snuggle your baby!

Being a postpartum doula is not simply about changing diapers and caring for a baby – it’s about connecting and caring for mothers as they recover from birth and supporting families in one of the most wonderful and crazy times of their lives.

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Have a Happy Postpartum!