Postpartum Doulas

Enjoy your transition to life with a baby with the help of one of our postpartum doulas. She will come along side your family to allow you to take care of yourself, adjust to life with a newborn and enjoy the precious early weeks of your baby’s life. Our doulas expertise includes:

postpartum doula Dallas Belly Binding

Daytime (3/hr minimum) – $25/hr
Overnights (8 hours) – $200

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    Knowledge of newborns.

    Your postpartum doula can help you feel confident caring for your baby and understanding their development in the early months of life.

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    Extensive knowledge about breastfeeding and infant feeding.

    How baby is eating is often one of the biggest concerns new parents have. Your Post Partum doula can help trouble shoot any feeding issues.

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    Providing care for your newborn while you take care of yourself.

    This may mean you can enjoy a shower, take a nap or otherwise do something that brings you joy while knowing your baby is safe.

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    Meal preparation/Freezer stocking.

    When your postpartum doula is gone, you will appreciate a fridge stocked with healthy and easy to heat meals.

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    Light housekeeping.

    Let your postpartum doula take care of the dishes and laundry…it is way more fun to snuggle with your baby!


Have a Happy Post Partum!

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